Tracing the Ancestors – an exhibition by Linda Ellis

In her first ever public exhibition, entitled “Tracing the Ancestors”, Linda Ellis from Kidwelly is currently adorning our 2D exhibition space at Oriel Bevan Jones Gallery with her stunningly fluid and energetic artwork.

Using an unusual combination of pigment and paint, Linda’s work truly stands out, partly because she doesn’t paint onto traditional paper. Instead, Linda has experimented, to stupendous effect, with painting onto YUPO Synthetic Paper, which is made using a process of extrusion from polypropylene pellets. Unlike traditional papers, YUPO is totally non-absorbent, and therefore doesn’t soak up the pigment or paint like a normal, porous material would. The resulting effect is a mesmeric series of sweeping, sensuous, sumptuous fusions of colour and form, with organic, magical pools and rivers appearing across the synthetic paper canvas as amalgamations of colours are born and the pigment granulates.

As Linda says “With a brush loaded with pigment, it sweeps across the water-soaked paper. Nothing prepares you for the magic unfolding. This is artistic alchemy and is why I paint – you always get the unexpected.”

Linda has a background in textiles which comes through very strongly in her work, some of which look like flowing fabrics, frozen in a moment of time, creating an amazingly beautiful canvas of smooth, bright opaques and translucencies.

“Tracing the Ancestors” can be seen in our 2D exhibition area from Tuesday, May 28th until Saturday, June 29th – and they really do need to be seen to be fully appreciated. We are very excited and honoured to be the host gallery for such an unusual and impressive inaugural exhibition.

Oriel Bevan Jones Gallery, 24 King Street, Carmarthen is open on Mondays by appointment only and from Tuesday – Saturday 10.00 am until 5.00 pm.

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