Valarie Coffin Price

Valarie Coffin Price

Specialist Art Forms
Sculpture  |  Letter-cutting  |  Environmental Installation

Artist Profile
Valerie Coffin Price is a Welsh speaking artist-letterer who has worked as a public artist throughout Britain. She has worked extensively on public commissions and residencies since 1998.

Valerie is an artist-letterer dealing with issues to do with language, environment and cultural identity. She makes work in response to a specific site combining text and imagery, the work exploring issues facing identity and place by enhancing an awareness of the spirit of that place. Often the work is an intervention in the environment embodying stories set in stone. Valerie’s work involves the use of both traditional techniques and materials as well as industrial and digital processes.

Artists Biography
1991-2 Moscow , Russia Visiting artist
1997 Chicago, USA Visiting artist
1998 Boréal Art/Nature, Québec, Canada Artist-in-Residence
2002 Est-Nord-Est, Québec, Canada Artist-in-Residence
1985 Arts Council of Great Britain
1991 Oppenheim-Downes Award, Arts Council of Wales Travel Grant
1998 Arts Council of Wales Travel Grant
2002 Wales Arts International, Research Grant
2003 Wales Arts International, Travel Grant
2004-5 Arts Council of Wales: Creative Wales Grant
1992 Margam Sculpture Park,
South Wales Artist-in-Residence
Gloucester Public Art Project Artists Placement
Hereford Arts-in-Action Community Arts Project
1994 Neath Community Education Artists Placement in 6 schools/National Eisteddfod
1995 Margam Sculpture Park, South Wales Artist-in-Residence
1997-8 SUSTRANS, Bangor-Caernarfon Artist-in-Residence
2000 Stoke-on-Trent NHS Trust Lead artist
2000 Newport Council, South Wales Design and consultancy
2005 Welsh Refugee Council Artist-in-Residence

1992 Garden Festival Wales, South Wales ‘Font’: Bath stone
1992-3 Gloucester Public Art Project ‘Benches’: Limestone and Oak
1993 Powys County Council Commemorative plaque: Slate
Royal Welsh Agricultural Society Commemorative plaque: Slate
1995 Margam Sculpture Park, South Wales Public seating and tables: Oak
2001 Stoke-on-Trent Council ‘Tree of Life’: oak
2002 Sites of Meaning, Derbyshire Marker Stone for the Millennium
Newborough Warren, Anglesey Interpretation for ‘Creu-ad’
Europe Centre, Canberra, Australia Finalist, International Commission