Scott Blytt Jordens

Scott Blytt Jordens

Specialist Art Forms
Woodcraft  |  Outdoor Arts  |  Additional Crafts

Artist Profile
Scott has always had an interest in his natural surroundings and the people that inhabit it. This is the basis for his inspiration which results in earthy and elegant work. Working with different culture from around the world help keep an open mind and ability to work with a range of people. Experience ranges from working on projects with special needs participants, disaffected youth, homeless, Mental Health sector and many more. Green woodwork offers a kind approach to the environment and due to being easy to pick up without dangerous machines. It is sociable, accessible and relatively safe. Working green wood has many advantages such as a healthy and active lifestyle while interacting with nature. Accompanied by my experience and passion of working with many types of people, I have a good ability to inspire and help people develop themselves. Transferring knowledge is one thing however engaging participants inspiring them to self motivate whilst having fun.

Artist Biography
8 GCSE’s; 3 A Level’s; BSC Anthropology; Basic First Aid

Exhibition & Demonstrations
Mumbles Road Gallery | Westonbirt Arboretum | Swansea Community Farm | Forest School Wales

African Community Centre | Youth Offenders Swansea | Links Project | Star Project
Wise Up Education | Mentro Allan – Neath & Port Talbot | Number of Various Commissions