Louise Bird

Louise Bird

Specialist Art Forms
Textile Art

Artist Profile
My practice is often collaborative; I enjoy the expansive and social experience of working with artists from other disciplines. Inspired by popular science and mathematics, I am fascinated by the current trend for dissipating topical boundaries. My practice experiments with using every day & familiar materials. By creating an accessible & inviting platform of traditional craft techniques, we begin a further investigation of the complicated language of science and create an interest in crafts as a fine art genre. (The answers to the mysteries of the universe are available through recycled materials and stuff from the pound shop!) Communication is an essential aspect of these projects and I try to create an inclusive and creative atmosphere that will encourage participation on many levels.

I believe in creative thinking as a tool for philosophical enlightenment.

Artists Biography
I graduated from The Carmarthen School of Art in 2006 with a 1st Class B.A. Honours Degree in Fine Art & Drawing, after which I was chosen for the Paul Goode Artist in Residence Award and continued at the college in that position until 2007.

Since then, I have had solo & group exhibitions throughout Wales including work chosen for the National Eisteddfod of Wales, and training & research projects funded by The Arts Council of Wales. I was employed at the Oriel Myrddin Gallery in Carmarthen from 2007 – 2012 and I ran workshops related to gallery exhibitions, which led to residential projects in schools. This in turn directed my interests to more socially interactive fine art & textile projects, linked to learning and community arts. I have been leading workshops for Arts Care Gofal Celf since 2013 and my recent exhibition at Oriel Bevan Jones Gallery has led to our latest project “Weave”.