Jo Kimpton

Jo Kimpton

Specialist Art Forms
Oil Painting | Drawing

Artist Profile
Jo Kimpton allows visual memory and feelings to merge as she explores the canvas with oil paint. Knowing her themes intimately she paints with warmth and aims to concentrate us in a meditative way…..a trapped moment is painted and the viewer is invited to slow down and slip from the rush of daily life.

Artists Biography
I live on the Pembrokeshire coast, it is the place I call home. A place I spent my childhood in. It is a place that has reached deep into my soul, and inspires me to paint. Alongside my love of this beautiful part of the world I have a deep and abiding interest in the human being, and a concern for the rapidly changing world. My various trainings led me to seek balance, to take time to unwind, reassess and ask if the changes are good. My painting practise helps me to explore these things and I hope the resulting images invite you to relax, wonder and explore your imagination.

My classes are held in a peaceful and relaxed environment and visitors to my studio are encouraged to express their own creativity. I believe that positive creativity is good for our well being and that of the environment in which we live.

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