Jan Lewin Cadogan

Jan Lewin Cadogan

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Artist Profile
Jan Lewin-Cadogan is a Ceramicist who lives in Carmarthenshire with her husband and son. When not making experimental glazes or getting dirty with clay, she gardens, walks her two daft dogs, reads, makes bread and takes time out to walk along the coastal paths of West Wales taking photos of the landscape. Jan trained at West Wales School of the Arts in Carmarthen and Graduated in 2008 with a First class BA (Hons) in Ceramics and since then has been experimenting with various clays, glazes and techniques to discover her own unique and individual style. She started exhibiting her work in 2008.

Artists Biography
Following a move to Carmarthenshire in 2004, the landscape of the countryside and coastline motivated me to pursue a career in Ceramics. I live and work in the Gwendraeth valley, West Wales and enjoy making a wide variety of work ranging from hand built sculptural pieces to stoneware thrown vessels in an array of different forms. Inspiration and influences come from watching crashing waves against volcanic rocks that push their way up through the sea, crunching the sea foam left behind on sand, looking at barnacles glistening in the sun, peering into the smooth mirrors of rock pools, sitting in sandy bays whilst looking at the amazing colours the sea has to offer and walks along the rugged cliff tops of the coastal path of Pembrokeshire.

I enjoy experimenting with form, lava glazes and reactive slips often comparing patterns and surfaces through multiple firings to compliment the simple forms and clean lines. I like to think of my pots as pieces of art you can hold in your hands, with some of the serenity and peace that I find when walking along the shores and coastal path. I use mainly stoneware and make various volcanic/lava glazes, barium and deep blue or turquoise glossy glazes. The firing of the work starts with a bisque firing to 1000/1160c which is followed by a further firing of 1160 or 1240-60 to vitrify the clay. (Depending on what type of clay I am using) Subsequent firings are to take on the oxides/multiple glazing to give further colour.

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