Registered Artists

Arts Care Gofal Celf  Registered Artists

Over the years, Arts Care Gofal Celf has built up a unique register of professional artists who specialise in working with people from all sections of the community. Currently we have over 100 artists on our register. Artists are selected by interview and, where appropriate, are subject to DBS checks before facilitating any activities.

Artists participate in Arts Care Gofal Celf’s training and mentoring programmes, enabling them to enhance their skills in working with our clients. Artists are carefully matched to each project and are employed on a freelance basis. Arts Care Gofal Celf deals with all aspects of contracting and payment.

Arts Care Gofal Celf is able to offer training, events and activities in a wide variety of art forms, including visual arts and crafts, performing arts, writing, circus skills and many more. We are happy to discuss requirements with our clients and develop a package of activities that meets their needs. We can arrange one-off sessions, a continuous programme or anything in between.

Helen Adam          Tina Ashdown          Daniel Backhouse

Liz Barry          Valarie Bartlett          Jane Belli

Caroley Bergman          Caroline P Berney          Miranda Betts

John Bilsborough          Louise Bird          Scott Blytt Jordens

Siân Boissevain          Janet Hagen Bossom          Elizabeth Brickell

Carrie Brill          Rebecca Buck          Perryn Butler

Linda Carr          Jan Lewin Cadogan          Marion Carlisle

David Chalford          Guinevere Clark          Paul Clarke

Valarie Coffin Price          Trystan Cook          Victoria Corker

Charlotte Cortazzi          Rebecca DeWinter          Cerys Dixie

Steve Doxsey          Heather Eastes          Jayde Edwards

Louise Marie Edwards          Chris Elliott          Alun Evans

Melanie Evans          Amanda Fancourt          Fliss Fleck

Elaine Franks          Solveig Frykman-Lloyd          Pamela Gaunt

Veronica Gibson          Samantha Hood          Julia Griffiths Jones

Sarah Reason Jones         Rhian Jones        Rhian Griffiths          Sue Hagerty

Ainsley Hillard          Mike Hotson          Juanita Humphris

Georgina Hughes      Tanya Igic          Robert Jakes       Valarie James

Delyth Jenkins          Mansel Kedward          Margaret Kibble

Yoka Kilkelly          Jo Kimpton          Hilary Langston

Diane Lucas          Lindy Martin          Helen McLoughlin

Imogen Mills          Nina Morgan          Carole Morgan Hopkin

Dorothy Morris          Sue Moules          Eeva-Maria Mutka

Jean Napier          Mandy Nash          Michael Newman

Lydia Niziblian          Tara O’Reilly          Katie Owen

Stacey Kiara Panico          Phoebe Phillips          Philip Pocock

Sally Price           Sue Purcell          Catherine Rich

Simon Rich           Vivian Rhule          Neil Richardson

Guy Smith          Sian Stanford          Susan Strzelecki

Heather Summers          Claudia Tarling          Stephen Tarsnane

Rose Thorn          Anne Tovey          Clare Turner

Jackie Turner          Paul Uden          Marlene Wareham

Sara Wentworth          John Weston          George Whitfield

Alan J Williams          Sonia Williams