Projects Archive – Touch Trust 2010-2012

Touch Trust 2010-2012

touch_trust_001Touch Trust based at The Millennium Centre Cardiff offer a wonderful all year round experience for guests and families living with multiple or profound disabilities to enter a peaceful, supportive and vibrant, safe space. Practitioners are trained, qualified, friendly, talented and caring. On meeting with founder of Touch Trust – Dilys Price, Arts Care Gofal Celf Dance Development Coordinator instantly new that a Touch Trust outreach programme in Carmarthenshire & Pembrokeshire was missing.

ACGC have been delighted to fund existing dance artist, Eeva-Maria Mutka to successfully train and complete her training as a Touch Trust Practitioner. Congratulations Eeva!

ACGC delivered a programme of creative, touch-based movement workshops at 4 Schools here within Carmarthenshire & Pembrokeshire. ACGC will continue to deliver group sessions in schools yet plan to further the ACGC Touch Trust outreach programme offering one to one sessions for individuals at their own home. The Touch Trust focus group (Head teachers, teachers and LSA’s from partner schools) will help to identify individuals who would benefit from continued Touch Trust sessions.

Partner Schools involved in this project:
QE School, Johnstown, Carmarthen | Heol Goffa, Llanelli | Portfield School, Haverfordwest | Ysgol Myrddin, Carmarthen

Arts Care Gofal Celf friends & Artists are taking to the Skies in a sponsored Sky Dive in March 2012 to raise further funds to support the Touch Trust outreach programme. ACGC aim to raise over £1000’s, Please do get in touch should you wish to sponsor any of the team here at ACGC. Many thanks to Dance Artists Cerys Dixie, Stacey Panico, Jessica Lerner and Guinevere Clark who assist Eeva at workshops within schools.

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