Project Archive – Llansteffan Community Garden Project

Llansteffan Community Garden Project

Plant Dewi approached Arts Care Gofal Celf (ACGC) to help with developing the outdoor area of Llansteffan village hall, High Street, Llansteffan with funding they had secured through Gwirfol. After consultation with ACGC it was decided to focus attention on: a garden mural led by Sue Hagerty, landscaping guided by Elaine Franks and decorative willow sculptures with Helen Campbell. The young people worked hard over the four day intensive project and this did not go unnoticed after appearing in an article written by Simon Davies in Carmarthenshire Life magazine issue 145.

Feedback from one of the Arts Care Gofal Celf artist captures the success of the project:
“The participants clearly enjoyed a great sense of achievement and pride in what they had done. Many remarked that they were amazed at what they had been able to do, and that they hadn’t thought it was going to be possible at the start of the project. By the end of the last session we had transformed a dismal, rubbish filled back yard into a beautiful garden filled with flowers, fruit and herbs. Relationships within the group and between the group and the community had been explored and improved. The participants had stretched their abilities and learned new skills, they have produced a garden that they are very proud of, and will enjoy for a long time to come…it has been an outstanding success for all concerned”.