Projects Archive – Cauldrons & Furnaces 2011-2012

Cauldrons & Furnaces 2011-2012

Whilst it is unlikely that many people from South West Wales will have the opportunity to compete or even attend the Olympics in London, Arts Care Gofal Celf felt it was important for people to have the opportunity to engage in the Olympics in some way. Programmes such as the Cultural Olympiad is this opportunity for many.

Funded by Legacy Trust, ACGC delivered a dance programme of creative dance workshops in 8 Primary Schools within the Laugharne catchment area, Carmarthenshire. All creative dance workshops are themed ‘Trails & Tales’, with the aim to leave a legacy or mark of the children’s involvement in the 2012 Olympics.

Dance Artists Cerys Dixie, Eeva Maria Mutka & Stacey Panico are leading on the Laugharne Cauldrons & Furnaces project. Each Artist has delivered a course of 6 creative dance workshops to their selected school/s during the 2011Autumn term.

Each school group recently took part in the ‘Cauldrons & Furnaces Dance Sharing Day’ which was held at Y Llwyfan on Monday 14th November. 172 Primary School children attended the day accompanied by teachers. The day was a huge success all children participated in a morning dance workshop followed by time to run through their piece before sharing their work. All schools participated in interactive storytelling with Prue Thimbleby (Artistic Director of the Cauldrons & Furnaces Laugharne project) during their lunch time, which was one of the highlights of the day for many.

All schools involved in this project will receive further dance workshops in Summer Term 2012 in preparation for the Laugharne Castle dress rehearsal on Friday 29th June & the main event on Saturday 14th July 2012. Many thanks to all staff, schools and parents who are supporting those involved.