The Oriel Bevan Jones Newsletter – July 2017

Female Focus

Last week was changeover week here at the Oriel Bevan Jones Gallery. Our exhibition’s have all changed, and we now have a selection of prints from Georgina Hughes hung around the reception desk. Georgina has now joined the gallery as one of newest core gallery artists- Congratulations and a big warm welcome!

Inside the gallery, complementing our window display of ceramic vessels by Rhian Jones we have a selection of dramatic ceramic sculptures from Rebecca Buck, who is also welcomed warmly to our gallery core artist list.  We love the way these two women artists each give a unique physicality to their materials, exploring size and form in two very separate ways.

While hanging the new exhibitions, we realised that there is a very strong female presence in the gallery at the moment, and are proud to be able to showcase the work of  another two incredibly talented, local female artists in this newsletter.

Katie Owen is a contemporary jewellery artist, who adopts an explorative and experimental approach to making.  The use of a broad range of materials and processes brings forth a multitude of potential combinations and discoveries, culminating in a series of components which work together towards a series of finished pieces. Form and texture are two vital factors within Katie’s work. She invests time into their development through the creation of ‘multiples’ which not only track the progression of the pieces,but also communicate the imagery that feeds her concepts. Katie’s delicious work is an important and valued addition to our gallery.

Ainsley Hillard is a renowned textile artist who regularly exhibits nationally and internationally. Her work was most recently awarded First Prize in the 3rd International Competition of Textile Art, Belgium and the International Textiles Biennial of Scythia, Ukraine. Other awards include the Valcellina Artist Award, Italy and the Shell Fremantle Print Award, Australia. Her work is included in the Lloyd Cotsen Textile Traces Collection U.S.A. and the Fiber Art Collection of the City of Chieri, Italy. We are very proud and delighted to have a close association with such a talented local artist.

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