Divergent Contemporary Arts Collective unveiling their new exhibition ‘Lost in Me’ in Gallery 2

Oriel Bevan Jones Gallery are delighted to welcome Divergent Contemporary Arts Collective who are unveiling their new exhibition titled ‘Lost in Me’ in Gallery 2 from Monday 27th August to Saturday 8th September. The opening will be held at Oriel Bevan Jones Gallery on Saturday 1st September from 5pm to 7pm, all welcome! It’s a wonderful opportunity to meet the artists, have a glass of wine and view the work.

For the ‘Lost In Me’ exhibition, Divergent Contemporary Arts Collective presents original illustration, poetry and photography by:

Mark Ingram, Fi Latus, Susan Mathews & Anne Sønsthagen.

‘Lost In Me’ is about all of us and our human condition.

It is about what it means to be ‘me’. Its about how we define ourselves and how this definition can be hard to find, hard to keep stable and hard to hang on to.

Its about what is going on within, the range of emotions and thoughts, the impulses to action and the ways in which we hold ourselves back and control ourselves and others

It’s about being lost, confused, scared and vulnerable but also about self-discovery and personal growth, its about resilience and self-dependence and most importantly, hope.

For further information, please contact:

Eiryl George

(Gallery & Exhibitions Manager) on

01267 2243815 or eiryl@acgc.co.uk

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